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SealBoss ® 1510 WATER-STOP-FOAM

Please refer to pdf file SealBoss 1510 WATER-STOP-FOAM




Waterstop for infiltrating and gushing water:

- Defective Concrete (Cracked or Honeycombed)
- Concrete Joints and Cracks
- Limestone
- Brick Construction
- Pipe Intrusions
- Waste Water Tanks
- Drinking Water Reservoirs
- Sewers, Manholes, Utility Boxes, etc.
- Tunnels, Dams
- Also: Soil Stabilization


1510 Water-Stop-Foam is a hydrophobic water cut-off grout and soil stabilization grout based on a MDI (methylene-diphenyl-isocyanate) polyurethane. The resin is 100% solvent free and 100% solids. The gel-time of the product is adjustable by the mandatory adding of a certain percentage of 15X Accelerator.
Upon contact with water, 1510 Water-Stop-Foam reacts to a foam while expanding its volume 30 to 40 times. The cured material is semi flexible and of a constant volume. Since water is not a component of the foam structure, the cured material is essentially not effected by water or dryness. The reacted material does not shrink or swell.

Depending on the amount of accelerator added and the pressure during injection, 1510 Water-Stop reacts to a very dense, closed cell, semi rigid material or a more open cell, semi flexible product. For best waterproofing results the closed cell structure is desired.

1510 Water-Stop-Foam is designed for cutting off gushing water of high pressure and speed. Due to the low viscosity of the material, 1510 Water-Stop-Foam offers superior penetration in hairline crack injection. The product is also suitable for the filling of larger spaces, cracks and honeycombing in stone or concrete structures. The product can be applied as a non-shrink, high strength soil stabilization grout when used with very little accelerator. The moisture content of the soil must be sufficient to ensure reaction.
To achieve most satisfying and permanent results in certain applications, a combination of 1510 Water-Stop-Foam with other systems of the SealBoss Corp. product line may be advised. Ask your SealBoss Corp. technician for details.


1510 Water-Stop-Foam and the 15X Accelerator are supplied separately to allow adjustment of gel-time and to provide a long shelf life. It is mandatory to add 15X Accelerator to ensure complete reaction as designed. A higher percentage of Accelerator added will increase reactive speed, expansion volume and lower the density of the product accordingly. Since the end product is of cellular structure, a higher density is favoured for best waterproofing properties.

Recommended mix ratios are between 5% and 10% of Accelerator added. In situations of high water flow rates and /or low temperatures, ratios may be increased to 20%. For soil stabilization applications ratios may be lowered to less than 5%.
Examples: In applications of high pressure water-intrusions, the system will react aggressively on contact with water when catalyzed at 10% or more. A slightly catalyzed product at about 2% on the other hand assures good penetration results in very fine capillary crack injection and for soil stabilization purposes.
The accelerator system offers a very flexible bandwidth of reactive properties, gel-time and expansion rate which make this product extremely versatile for many applications.

Plan ahead: Observe temperature and humidity of the environment, since both determine the pot-life of the premixed batch. Do not mix more material than the amount that will be pumped within reasonable time. Rule of thumb: High temperatures and high humidity - less accelerator.

1510 Water-Stop-Foam reacts with the moisture in the structure and does not need large amounts of water to react. Simultaneous injection of water is typically not necessary. If the area of application seems to be completely dry, pre-injection of water may be recommended.

Caution: This proct is moisture activated. It is essential for all equipment to be dry. Avoid any moisture contact with the mixture to prevent premature reaction of the product. If reaction of the batch occurs while pumping, immediately shut down the machine and flush with a cleaner to avoid built up and clogging of the equipment.


Remove all excess product and any smears. Tools and mixing equipment must be cleaned immediately after use. R70 Pump Flush is good to your equipment and should always be used. For best results please follow our recommendations.
First Step is conditional - Omit if in conflict with regulations on the jobsite or the equipment you use: Flush first with a very small amount of solvent (not supplied by SealBoss Corp.) to cut remaining material. Caution: Xylol, Toluol, Acetone, M.E.K. are hazardous, combustible, aggressive towards the environment, equipment, seals and hoses. Immediately follow second step.
Second Step: Flush with SealBoss Corp. R70 Pump Flush circulate cleaner through pump and hoses for several minutes at higher flow rates. R70 Pump Flush is a solvent free, non-flammable cleaner, lubricator and pump and hose conditioner. The product ships without any hazard label.


Please refer to pdf file SealBoss 1510 WATER-STOP-FOAM

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