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Polyurethane Injection
All in one Machine:
Single Component Pump
High Pressure Injector
Polyurethane Injection Machine
Water Stop Foam Pump

Polyurethane Pump Polyurethane Dispenser
Polyurethane Crack Injection Machine
  P1001 Injection Pump
Single Component
Electric Drill Operated

Polyurethane Injection Pump
Commercial Polyurethane Crack Injection


Advanced Design Features

- Heavy duty for daily use
- Lightweight
- 3,700 PSI
- Easy to use, clean & maintain
- Single component
- Pressure gauge
- Hopper included
- Recommended for beginners and injection pros
- Compatible with the complete line of WEBAC
Injection Grouts including epoxy resins

Use With WEBAC Quality polyurethanes:

WEBAC 151, 157, 1572, Flexgel2


Very powerful, extremely lightweight injection pump for the complete line of WEBAC injection grouts. Suitable for mid-size jobs and daily use this is the perfect machine for waterproofing contractors performing commercial work and residential injection. With this pump it is a snap to get in and out of basements and confined areas. The P1001 is very compact. But do not underestimate its power. It will create pressures in extend of 4000psi!
The modular design keeps maintenance cost low and allows for easy cleaning. Parts can be replaced by the contractor to keep downtime at an absolute minimum.

The reliability, ease to use and ease to maintain earn this pump our special recommendation.

To be used in combination with 1/2 inch electric Bosch drill. The drill needs to be capable of variable speed adjustment. Drill is not included, but can be supplied by WEBAC on request.



Technical Data:
Max. pressure :> 4000 psi
Weight : 9 lbs Recommended drill:
BOSCH 1194 with dial switch


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