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SealBoss ® JointMaster Pro 2 V.2.0 2013
Improved Design & Function
To Be Announced

SealBoss ® JointMaster Pro 2 Joint Sealer Machine

Data Sheet pdf
Information for Filling Joints with JointMaster Pro2
Epoxy Pump Page

For Dispensing
- Epoxy
- Polyurea
- Polyurethane

Commercial Polyurea / Epoxy Pump Dispenser for Joint Repair.
Designed to make joint repair affordable and easy.

Rugged and lightweight construction make this machine a prime choice. The powerful electric motor will keep up even with the fastest operator. The applicator features a speed control knob and is made from strong aluminium to further enhance the ease of use of this sturdy and reliable machine. Information for Filling Joints with JointMaster Pro2

Advanced Design Features
- Pumps Many Epoxies, Polyurethanes & Polyureas
- Very Affordable And Reliable
- Rugged Construction And Easy To Use
- Volume Adjustable Dispenser
- Extra Lightweight Aluminum Dispenser
- Stainless Steel Tanks
- Gear Driven For Easy Ratio Changes
- Compact And Lightweight Unit
- Unit Mounted On 'EZ-Ride' Coasters
- Complete Set With Hoses And Applicator
- Easy To Clean
- Heater Bands Optional
- Battery / Inverter Use Optional

Specifications JointMaster Pro2Motor: 1/2HP DC Gear motor w/separate heat sink, RPM: 0 - 500,
Volts: 90-130, Torque: 202 In. Lbs., Amps: 5.5
Pumps: Cast iron internal rotary gear pumps w/steel fitted rotor gear
Power: 110 Volt (200 Volt Special Order)
Wheels: non marring gray balloon cushion wheels for easy roll over of cords and debris, swivel wheels have brakes
Dispensing Unit: Extended lightweight handle with a dual port manifold,
on/off switch and speed control knob
Viscosity: 50 – 2000 cps, (viscosity is only one of many factors to determine suitability and compatibility)
Flow Rate: Up to 0.5 gallons per minute
Ratios: 1 – 1 ratio, easily geared to other ratios
Weight: 170 lbs. dry 220lbs w/ Battery Pack Option
Dimensios: Height: 38”, Width: 27”, Length: 30”
Tanks: 5 gallon, stainless steel w/lids, (6.7 gal option)
Hoses: 3/8” x 14.5’ Nylon braided hoses, sleeved
Wheels: 6” wheels


- Heater Bands Available

- Battery Operation Possible With Inverter

- Cordless Operation With Generator

JointMaster Pro 2 Application Of SealBoss QuickFix 6500

JointMaster Pro2
JointMaster Pro 2 Complete Set

Pump shown with optional Heater Bands
are for use in colder climates, freezer warehouses and also to warm high viscosity (thicker) products to increase ease of flow.

Applicator Control Unit Detail
On-Off Switch, Motor RPM Control

For Use With SealBoss Quality Products:

SealBoss 6500 QuickFix Polyurea Joint Sealer

SealBoss 6000 QuickFix Spall Repair


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